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Since 1985, Howard Blanck has been helping seniors enjoy a comfortable retirement with complete asset protection. He began his career as a Certified Economics Instructor while working towards a Master of Arts Degree. He has also completed advanced studies in senior financial planning and other senior issues. For the past 44 years, he has educated countless individuals throughout the state in financial understanding and how to protect and safely grow their savings. 
Mr. Blanck is very well known in the financial field and has given seminars at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and Senior Centers throughout Berks County. He has appeared numerous times on local radio talk shows, including “Feedback”- WEEU with Jack Holcomb and Bill Saunders, “Sunday Morning”- WRFY with David Stein, “Night Mayor”- WRAW with Don Greth, WXTU (Philadelphia), WSBA (York), WAEB (Easton) and many other radio and television shows throughout the region. 
Howard’s book “Easing the Economic Blues” has shown seniors in plain English very innovative ways to secure a comfortable retirement. This book and his many articles on avoiding common financial mistakes have also been featured several times in the Reading Eagle, Second Wind (a publication of the Berks County Senior Citizens Council) and major bookstore chains. He and his wife Debra have raised two daughters, have two grandchildren, and are lifelong Berks County residents.

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